Monday, September 21, 2009

Save The Date: Saturday, Sept 26th... YARD SALE!

Mr. and Mrs. Salvage Chick request the honour of your presence at their home in Halifax MA on Saturday, September 26th, between the hours of 9AM and 4PM for what promises to be The Yard Sale of the Century.

OK, maybe not the Century, because I'm not sure I have quite as much stuff as I did at the last Gala Yard Sale Event in 2007. And I'm gonna have to stop pretending Kenny has anything to do with this, because when I warned him I was having a Yard Sale this weekend he started talking about how he completely stresses out over the Parking Situation when I have a Yard Sale. Have No Fear! I reminded him; Last Time the Halifax Police kindly gave me "No Parking This Side" signs to put on one side of the street. But still, if anyone knows of a good All-Day Lord of the Rings Marathon on Saturday or maybe a convention for people who Hate George W. Bush and prefer Macs over PCs, we might want to send him there to get him out of our hair.

Back to the Yard Sale! Claudia and I have been stockpiling boxes of items for this yard sale for months now. She has graciously volunteered to work at the shop on Saturday so I can have this sale On Location at my house, in close proximity to The Shed Where Furniture Goes to Die. You know how I am always blogging about trying to clean This Shed out? Well, there are actually 3 of them, and a Garage... it's time for a Clean Sweep!!

And before you go thinking "if you can't sell it at the shop, why would I want to buy it?" LOTS of these items have never even made it to the shop. Or we just have WAY to many of the same item (Thermos, anyone?) And as for those afraid of "eBay Duds"... I honestly don't have time to research everything. At my last Yard Sale, nobody bought this little Haunted House & Witch Doll I had marked $5. I put it away in my Halloween bin; when I pulled it out the next Fall, I had a little more time on my hands and looked it up. Woah! A Rare 1970's Girl's World Emerald the Enchanting Witch!! I listed it on eBay and the auction ended at $465!!

Even though you might not find a Treasure QUITE that rare, I hope to see you there.
Route 106 Halifax, between the Country Club & the Car Wash (300 Block of Plymouth St.)

PS. All That was just ONE SHED! I wonder what's behind THIS Door??

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