Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mad as a Hatter

So today was such a smashing Sales Day at Salvage Chic I decided to treat myself to this lamp I've been eyeing since Claudia put it out the other day. She was calling it a "Mad Hatter Lamp" on the tag, which seemed appropriate for its fun & quirky shape. I brought it home to try it out and wasn't sure if I liked it or not; but Kenny immediately piped up "It looks much better in here than the old lamp what with the curtains & bedding that are in here." Hmph; either he was doing a really good job at channeling his Inner Decorator or he was just trying to shut me up. The REAL TEST, I said to myself, will be after dark when I can see it lit.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I skipped in to turn the light on and step back to admire the view. Something didn't look quite right... the bulb seemed a bit bright, so I went to check that out, but it was only 60 Watts. Still it just seemed, really HIGH up toward the top of the shade. That's when I remembered a couple extra clicks when I turned it on. AHA! It's a 3-WAY LAMP! Off to the pantry to get a different bulb. Only, Oh No, now the bulb is too tall for the harp the shade hangs on, it won't FIT!!
Right about this moment I started wondering how many people have gotten something home from Salvage Chic only to discover something slightly off about it that leaves them muttering "THAT *!@#? PLACE!" Was this the wrong shade for the lamp base, or the wrong harp for the lamp and shade? Oddly I happened to have a larger harp handy so I swapped that out and Voila. "Thank GOD!" I exclaimed which of course was enough to have Kenny inquiring from the other room "What's the Matter?" So I went in and told him the whole story and he got this little grin on his face and said "You're so cute, only YOU would happen to have the right spare lamp part hovering around" which I'm pretty sure is Husband-Code for "You're Freaking CRAZY."

So the real question is... Can YOU see the difference? Or am I really as Mad as a Hatter??


You Soul Mate... said...

I think your mad as a hatter!!! ;-)

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

The photos don't do the difference justice!! I swear!! Please, don't have me committed...

Your Soul Mate... said...

I meant that in a good way!!! If your as mad as a hatter , then so am I!!!

Anonymous said...

I can see about an inch difference, if I squint and tilt my head to the right! Really.