Monday, September 7, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Here's one from the "Is it TOO Salvage Chic?" File. A couple of weeks ago I bought this ultra-shabby sideboard from one of my Supply Guys. Normally I don't go for Art Deco but something about it appealed to me in a Homely Stray Dog kind of way and he practically PAID me to take it, so how could I say No. Now mind you, This Guy's Venue is really dimly lit and I have been known to make some regretful purchases there so after I left it to pick up later, I immediately started with the "WHY did I BUY That?!? WHO besides ME is going to LIKE That? Then promptly forgot all about it (DENIAL!) until a week or so later I went back to see what new stock he had... and was hit Smack in the Face with This Vision:

It was kind of like waking up in the morning after having one drink too many and recollecting fuzzily "I did WHAT?" (at least, from what my friends tell me; this has never really happened to me... Hi Dad!) So anyway I packed my purchase into the Jeep somewhat remorsefully and headed back to Halifax. Where, as it turns out, I happen to have a dining room trimmed out in Colonial Teal. 8 doorways and 2 windows worth. The period colors came with the house and it's too daunting a task to paint them so I just decorate around them. And re-decorate, and re-decorate... (in case you hadn't noticed).

So what do you think, LOVE it or HATE it? And is there really such a thing as TOO Salvage Chic?


misselaineous said...

She's rough around the edges, but personally I think it looks great, especially in that setting. Also takes a bit of the "prim" off the prim 'n proper New England trim. Have a great week....stay out of the ocean! :o} *elaine*

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great!! Especially with all your accents. What a nice surprise!

~*Jenn*~ said...

Love - hands down! Is there such thing as too salvage chic? Then again I base whether or not something should be in our house or not by the amount of paint flaking on it, the amount of crazing it has, or how sorry I feel for it. Or house is probably really ugly to normal people ;) It really looks great in there though!! Love this blog!

Ires said...

Love it!

MistyQ said...

I think it's all about context. How it's used, what the room it's placed in looks like, what the furniture is near. I don't think there's such a thing as too worn but I probably wouldn't fill a whole house with very worn things. One or two pieces though really look unique and bring a piece of history into our lives.

Just found your blog and cannot wait to visit your store!