Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tercio de Mayo

Never mind the Cinqo, the 3rd was my Husband's 30th Birthday and Claudia relieved me at the shop so I could spend the day with him. As soon as she got there I hurried straight home (well, straight if you don't count a brief stop at Never Open Antiques and a fly-by visit to the Yard Sale on the Pembroke Town Green and I forgot to mention a buying appointment at a house in Halifax...) Anyway over at Never Open I was supposed to be giving Mack stuff to sell for me at the Marshfield Flea Market and he asked what the Big Birthday Plans were so I admitted I was plum out of ideas, as I had been springing surprises on Kenny all week and already given him his Playstation 3. "You Should Take Him to a Hotel" Mack said and I must have looked askance because he quickly followed with "Oh that's right, you don't have kids, you don't need to go to a hotel, you can holler all you want." All I could think was Oh. My. God. I am SO not having this conversation with Mack! But I have to give him credit, he might have put a few ideas in my head because I went home and told Kenny he could have ANYTHING he wanted on his Birthday Afternoon. His eyes lit up, ANYTHING? he exclaimed... and then we jetted off to Cancun. The restaurant... in Kingston... SIGH... I HATE Mexican food. But after all, it WAS his birthday.

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