Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calm, Cool and Collected

That was my demeanor today when Yard Sale Buddy called me up and said "I was thinking, that cabinet I told you I would pick up for you today? How about I go get it tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist and I am going to be over that way anyway, no sense making a special trip..." Granted at first I was aggravated because he had said to call him first thing when I got to the shop to give him the information about picking it up, and I had been trying him for an hour and a half; usually when this happens and I finally get a hold of him it's "Oh, I'm over at Amvets in Brockton, since I didn't hear from you..." He seems to have selective hearing when it comes to his cell phone ringing. Anyway back to today, my first reaction was disappointment more than annoyance but I decided not to let it show, after all gas is awfully expensive these days and when I told him about the cabinet he could have said "Good score, have fun picking it up... YOURSELF." Now I should have known something was up because he called me right back asking are you sure it's OK, are you sure you're not mad, etc? "Of course not!" 5 minutes after the last phone call I heard the rumble of the Chevy's twin tailpipes and I stood up to look out the door. Lo and behold, the truck cap was up and there was my cabinet in all its beadboard glory. I ran outside and met Yard Sale Buddy with a huge grin. That's when he told me he was playing a joke, trying to get me all riled up so I'd say "Forget it, I'll get it myself since I can't depend on you!" and then feel like a REAL HEEL when he showed up with it. "Oh," I said, "Good thing I am not a raving lunatic." and you know what he replied, with a snort? "TODAY."

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