Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..."

"I'm sorry I put you up in the garage storage loft and then filled the place with so much junk I'm scared to ask Kenny to get you down..."

Needless to say I am on a Serious Cleaning Mission!! Today after 2 trips to the Halifax Recycling Center I decided to gift Yard Sale Buddy with a few items. I have to be strategic when I do this so he does not feel like I just dumped a load of crap on him because his house is a lot closer than the Salvation Army dropoff. So I showed up with a bag full of pine garlands proclaiming "This is a present from your friend Rip-Off-Guy" (we won't talk about that ill-advised cleanout right now but mere mention of his name was enough to make Yard Sale Buddy start swearing.)

One of the guys who frequents Pembroke's only 24/7 Yard Sale was there too and he and Yard Sale Buddy looked on in amazement while I started winding the garland around one of these gigornimous wagon wheels; "When I am on TV you guys can share Remember When stories about me, this would be a good one..." They just exchanged a puzzled look and asked "When are you going to be on TV?" HELLO! When I am FAMOUS and they cancel This Old House AND Martha Stewart because I will be like both shows in one!! "Oh...right."

The other thing I brought with me was this knotty pine bench that is literally made out of a log split in half with the flat sides facing up; and wouldn't you know it, Yard Sale Buddy had that tacky bear statue at the ready to take up residence on it.

While I was there I snapped a photo of this crazy Santa and reindeer arrangement, I really have never met anyone as inventive with Yard Art as Yard Sale Buddy.

When it was time to leave I couldn't break my Cardinal Yard-Sale-Buddy-Yard Rule: When I Giveth, I also Taketh Away!! Check out this old water pump that is JUST The right color for the season... and get in EARLY this weekend, because this is sure to sell FAST!

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