Thursday, December 13, 2007

Storm Coverage brought to you by Meteorologist, Salvage Chick

That's going to be my tagline when I wrap up the weather on the Channel 5 News. Move over, Dick Albert! There's a new Cold Front in town and it's ME and my uncanny ability to predict snowfalls of large proportion. Never mind Doppler Radar and all those newfangled gadgets! I only need ONE THING to predict the weather: My Husband's Suitcase. When I see it out being packed for a business trip during the months of December through March, I know we are in for a landslide. Sure enough, Kenny is in New Jersey this week. And somehow, that long curving country driveway of ours has lost its allure right about now. I AM glad we haven't covered the pool yet, though... maybe I can get some Free Publicity for the shop by doing one of those Polar Bear Skinny Dips.


Vintage Sue said...

Just found your blog and it's hysterical! Keep it coming! XOX

CresceNet said...

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