Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Moving Day

and all through Salvage Chic... I got a little choked up because it was suddenly looking like we are going out of business. Have no fear, everything is just packed up for the BIG MOVE into the new space tomorrow!!

I hope my Dad is not reading this tonight because I forgot to tell him the entry into the new space is kinda angled weird so we are going to have to take all of this OUTSIDE and around the building to bring it through the front door of the new space...

My Mom and I jumped the gun tonight and moved the Fridge Door because we were so excited about the new cafe curtains we fashioned, in true Salvage Chic style, out of vinyl tablecloth fabric.

Finally, some more Sneak Peeks... Check back tomorrow to see how quickly it all filled up!


Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!!!


cfb said...

Can't wait to visit! Love the red :-)