Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket...

What do I do with this BASKET?

On Sunday nights after a busy weekend I like to reward myself with a little treat. Usually I just adopt something that's been haunting me at Salvage Chic but nothing was jumping out at me (did I just SAY THAT?!?) so Claudia & I headed over to a neighboring shop where I picked up this old market basket that was calling to me.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this basket and to make matters worse I came home to find Kenny COOKING DINNER so I had to spend time oohing and aahing over this miraculous event instead of running off and playing with my basket like I wanted to.

Finally the dishes were done and I was able to focus on my Decorating Dilemma. Really it seemed like this thing belonged in the pantry filled with foodstuffs or something but the last thing I need in there is another basket so I was racking my brain as I was folding laundry when AHA! I came upon the perfect use for it: TOWELS!

Poor Kenny was actually in the shower when I bustled in and started re-merchandising the bathroom. Luckily he is used to living with a Crazy Person so when I asked his opinion he ducked his head out and obliged; "Looks Good! Is that Safe?" What do you mean, I asked... "I don't know, I never had a metal basket full of towels on top of a marble slab on a radiator, I'm just asking!" Geez Louise, I think we'll live.

So since the pictures of my other bathroom were such a hit, here are a few shots of what I call Country-Industrial-Chic. I saw this framed print in a boutique catalog for a ridiculous amount of money. I thought it was so clever of me to find the print alone on eBay for $10 and ran off to Michael's with my 50% Off Framing coupon where much to my dismay, I paid MORE than if I had just ordered it from the catalog. We could probably have a whole other Blog about the Michael's 50% Off Framing Coupon Scam...

This old icebox is probably one of my Favorite Pieces Ever. When you live in a house with one closet you have to get creative and this piece is just PERFECT to hold the excess of toiletries I hoard because I can't resist milking those CVS Extrabucks, or as I like to call it, 'Ripping Off CVS'.

Last but not least Claudia and I are always finding cool random glasses but sometimes second-guess ourselves asking "Who would buy just ONE glass?" Ummm... ME!

Right now I know some of you are thinking... "She's so queer, I can't believe she doesn't have matchy-matchy red & white toothbrushes in there." I KNOW, RIGHT? I totally should. But sadly, pink & blue seems to be the only toothbrush color code other people in this house can understand. We all have our crosses to bear.

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Anonymous said...

love love love....the basket and the old ice box! I too buy random glasses...though with wee ones about...I can't have them out but SOMEDAY! keep up the good work!!

ps. Michaels framing is a scam! They wanted to charge be $30 for a cut piece of glass I found later at the hardware store for $2!