Thursday, March 5, 2009

"If You Build It, They Will Come"

This is the little mantra I chanted in my head last Sunday after a Record-Breaking Weekend at Salvage Chic. Not that Field of Dreams and an Empty Antique Shop have much in common but it seemed like as good a time as any to channel Kevin Costner. Claudia and I were walking around surveying the wreckage, marveling at the amount of stuff we sold all weekend but slightly worried about filling the place back up. Even Jack, The-Artist-formerly-known-as-Mack-from-Never-Open-Antiques, walked in and declared "This place is EMPTY." I didn't really feel like hearing it from him so I focused on silently chanting my mantra; I did alter it a little to suit my own needs so it ended up more like "If you have an empty shop, furniture will just show up." And you know what? It did! Granted none of it just materialized out of thin air but it dang well felt like it. Stuff has a funny way of turning up at Salvage Chic just when it's needed most. So if you were in last weekend and disappointed like the woman who exclaimed "Everything I want is either SOLD or ON HOLD!", I GUARANTEE it's worth a visit to see what's new this weekend. But remember - Turnover is HIGH so visit the website first... and if there's a Have-To-Have-It item, check out our Hold Policy on the FAQs page. Happy Browsing!!

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