Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Watched Pot Never Boils

and apparently, Watched Trash never gets Picked! That seemed to be the way it went yesterday when my mom and I tackled that Big Grey Elephant in the yard no one wanted to talk about... My Garage. I had great intentions of doing it "Clean Sweep" style with piles of keep/sell/donate but then we figured it was easier to haul it all out first and address the items later. Now it is really unfortunate that my detached garage is way in back of the house, because soon the driveway was full of what could have been The Best Impromptu Yard Sale Ever. And WOW, I could see the walls of my garage! There was no way I was going to fill it back up with all these well-intentioned projects that I am never going to get around to; that's what got me in this mess in the first place.

I started out slowly by placing a select group of especially needy furniture on the curb. A piece or two got picked up when I wasn't looking so I filled in the holes with more stuff and then the thought of getting rid of it all was so liberating, I went totally haywire and loaded the whole sidewalk up with wall-to-wall furniture. We decided to go out to lunch because it was around that time and it would also be convenient for us not to be home if the police came knocking like they did that one time my yardsale obstructed traffic. And as for Watched Trash never getting Picked, the REVERSE is totally true too! By the time we got back, all of our Unwatched Trash was GONE! Nothing to do but load that sidewalk up again. I think I burned 1/4 tank of gas just driving stuff up and down the driveway all day.

Now CHECK OUT my garage!! I was so excited I called my Husband and when he answered asked "Is this the Owner of the Cleanest Garage in Halifax?"
Long Pause and then his response: "You DEFINITELY have the Wrong Number." Boy was he surprised when he got home.

OK, so I DID keep just a FEW 'Projects'...

And there's still a small pile of stuff in the middle of the floor to deal with, but I ran out of patience... not to mention DAYLIGHT

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