Monday, April 21, 2008

A True Kodak Moment

Here's something you don't see every day; Yard Sale Buddy handing money over to ME, for something he sold at his Yard Sale! This sharpening stone has been festering in his yard since we got it as part of a clean-out last July. We did have the stand it's supposed to sit on, but it fell apart quickly after we got it. Normally when he sells something I own an interest in, I tell him to keep the money for the Dunkin Fund; but this Saturday was exceptionally slow at the shop due to the influx of Yard Sales in the neghborhood. Yard Sale Buddy had a banner weekend because a kindly neighbor had put a Yard Sale ad on Craigslist for him; I was sick and tired of him calling to say "I sold my wagon wheels... I sold that mailbox... I've got people all over my yard throwing money at me..." So when he called with yet another list of sold items and I heard "And not only that, I sold that wheel we got from XXXXX for $40 so I have $20 for you", I immediately called Channel 4,5 and 7 news and requested a film crew. Unfortunately Chet Curtis & his colleagues were tied up with what they called "Real" News so I was stuck taking this photo myself. But hey, 20 bucks... as my dad would say, 'It's better than a stick in the eye!"


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to get my 10 for the auto parts ??? ;-)

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Umm... I may have to split my 20 with you. :p