Friday, April 25, 2008

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

and then Thrash the Living Daylights out of them! I remember now why I don't buy fresh flowers. I thought it was just because I'm too cheap but then splurged this week for a hint of spring on the table. No sooner had I set them out than my resident mobsters The Felini Brothers showed up to put a hit on them; I think the orders came straight from Don Corleone. I can't complain though - we put these two cats on the roster shortly after buying our house from a woman who showed us all the places she regularly scattered mouse poison including - her SILVERWARE drawer! Gross. Now Spring is producing some critters who obviously haven't heard about the gangsters that live here. Turns out the tulips were the 2nd casualty of the day... just be glad I didn't take a picture of the 1st!

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