Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introducing the Oaks-Wagon Jetta!

Or more appropriately, "Why I Shouldn't Drive Kenny's Car". I tend to forget I am not in a Jeep and this particular model of Volkswagen is meant to transport VOLKS as in FOLKS, not OAKS as in Furniture.

Last weekend we switched vehicles so he could deliver a piece of furniture while I was at the shop and I totally forgot and bought more furniture than I could fit in the back room from some guy thinking "No Problem, I will just throw this 42" Round Oak Pedestal Dining Table in the Jeep and take it home for now". OH and this Giant Drawer too.

Good Thing the table came apart and there was plenty of dog hair on the back seat to prevent it from getting scratched.

Bad Thing I forgot to take the furniture out before he found it languishing in there 3 days later.  

I don't see the Big Deal it wasn't THAT hard to shift, the car has an automatic transmission so you just had to move the one leg a little before going into reverse... hmph.

No Volkswagens or Furniture were harmed in the making of this blog, but we did have one Slightly Disgruntled Husband.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does this, too! My kids are used to me pulling over & making room for freebies on the curb. My biggest find was the top of a secretary cabinet that wouldn't fit in the back of my Plymouth Sundance (I picked it up & hauled it down the street to my apartment by hand)Who cares about the weird looks? I'm happy & that's what counts!! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is better in a Jeep!

AC Abbott said...

I love this! The age old question of salvage artists everywhere... how do I move this sweet junk I found? I have a Kia Forte and have to get equally creative... I need a truck LOL! Good on ya!