Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Buy the Milk?

When you can get the Cow for Free! 
Wait a minute, Free Cow? 
Yes, Free Cow, because.... WHO WOULD BUY THIS COW????

I bought the remnants of an estate in February (YES that's how long I've been sitting on this Blog entry) and it was one of those deals where I had to take EVERYTHING whether I wanted it or not. The guy was actually nice enough to let me leave like, 9000 baskets I really didn't want but one thing he would not budge on was This Cow.  This very pregnant looking cow in a Holly-Hobby-meets-Laura-Ingalls dress.
 We were loading up 3 trucks for transport to the shop and he kept trying to stick The Cow in while I kept trying to take The Cow out. He'd say Look, you can use it for padding around this (insert Highly Breakable Item) and I'd say That's OK I'll take my chances. There was no stopping this guy so finally I was just like "Dude, not to sound disrespectful or anything but the Shitty 80's Country Store called, they want their Cow Back." He seemed to take that well and dropped the subject. Or so I thought... until I got in my Jeep and glanced into the rear mirror - he got me after all!!!!

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