Sunday, February 20, 2011

To the TICK-TOCK, Ya Don't STOP

What WAS that ominous ticking? My Husband's Biological Clock. Apparently at 32, he is not getting any younger. He's been after me for months to add another member to our family. I told him when I was ready, Adoption would be the way to go, thinking that was a good stall tactic. (Do you know how much PAPERWORK is involved?) I even told him I had gotten the ball rolling on that front; that seemed to satisfy him for a while.

Weeks would go by and just when I'd think the coast was clear, there it was again: TICK-TOCK like a suspicious package left on the subway. Just when he appeared he was happy enough surfing online looking at potential candidates for his Adoption Pipe Dream, he'd suddenly be all "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE ADOPTION PROCESS?" Oh...I'd mutter a few words like 'Home Inspection' or 'I had to give them 3 more Personal References' and he would go away.

Meanwhile my Inbox was jammed with links he'd send me to photos of these really pitiful looking orphans. It was so depressing I made a rule to have my email view them as Spam and automatically delete them as they came in.

Finally this week, there it was again, TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK and just when I was about to hit the Big Ol' Kenny Snooze Button, I realized... that was MY OWN CLOCK!

I finally caved. And managed to complete that 'Paperwork' pretty damn quick.

This little guy will be added to our family in just a few short weeks!! We're going to call him Auggie. I can't wait to meet him!!


cfb said...

OMG those eyes - what CUTENESS! You'd better hope he's well behaved or you will never be able to discipline him, what a charmer. :-)

Kenny said...

I can't wait for auggie to get here. Hopefully he'll be as much of a go getter as his big brother :-)

abby jenkins said...

What a cutie Auggie is!!!! Our adopted 'son' Cheddar is the light of our life...and no tuition costs!