Thursday, July 16, 2009

Operation Motivation

Since I've been hounding folks to send in photos for the "Salvage Chic @ Home" page I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is and show off some of my own home. This serves two-fold as a Motivational Exercise to Stop Procrastinating and get things back in order. Once in a while I fall in love with something at Salvage Chic and if it doesn't sell in a timely manner allow myself to adopt it; but then I am faced with the items I displaced and a Husband Who Hates To Move Furniture, so I invariably end up with Large Ghosts of Furniture Past loitering for weeks & months on end. Today I decided it was time to tackle this room downstairs that's become known as "Izzy's Bedroom" because she likes to hang out there and I needed a Girlie Reason to Shabby Chic a room.

That's Duff on the bed, he doesn't mind hanging out in all this Shabby-foo-foo because he is very much in touch with his Inner Dog. The little chippy dresser is actually one that haunted me for the months and months it was for sale at Salvage Chic, so I finally bought it from Jack for the $60 he paid for it, he was just happy to have his money back. The window treatments I got at the Christmas Tree Shop (proving to Kenny that they don't just sell 'CRAP' there) at the bargain clearance price of $1.49 per pair of curtains, $9.99 for the white iron rod and $9.99 for the Roman Shade. Really, where can you fully outfit 3 windows like this for $65?

Here we come to a couple of Problem Habits of mine, collecting Quilts and old Samplers. Really, I've stopped, I swear... The quilt rack I bought for $5 at the Yard Sale on the Town Green in Halifax when I first moved to town; it's slated to be painted but Hey it's only been waiting 5 years.

These suitcases have all been for sale at Salvage Chic at one time or another but apparently I'm the only one who thinks Vintage Suitcases are cool so I finally got sick of looking at them and took them home. They serve remarkably well as a place to hide Christmas Presents (OOPS I think Kenny actually reads The Blog... Note to Self: Find New Hiding Place This Year.) The old coal stove I think I'm going to sell when Fall comes around and I can't for the life of me remember which larger radiator I was going to displace with that little one but somehow it landed in the fireplace and I definitely cannot lift it myself so there it stays!

Finally the bed if you can get past Duff's Handsomeness is a full-size Walnut Bed I bought at a Consignment Shop for $400 back when I had a 'Real Job'. Actually that's not too horrible of a price but I shudder to think I laid out that much money for something I don't even like anymore. Which is why this episode is called "Operation Motivation": I'm going to paint the bed. I've been wanting to paint the bed for a LONG time now but like that old saying about how the Shoemaker's Kids Go Without Shoes... the Salvage Chick's house has a lot of unpainted furniture. Now that I've blogged about it, I know every time I talk to my Dad he'll innocently ask "Did you paint that bed yet?" To the point that finally I will be so sick of him asking I will lie and say "YES." Then soon enough, he'll be coming to visit, and I'll be up until 2 AM the night before painting it. Stay Tuned... I'm sure it will be blog-worthy!

PS - What's this? An Empty Wall? I need something to fill it! And I know JUST the place to go shopping... see you all at SALVAGE CHIC!


Claudia said...

I know JUST the piece that wall needs!!!! See you at the shop!

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the great painted woodwork in your house....thanks for sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

Just lovely! And I promise my before and after pictures are on their way...just as soon as I pick one more thing up at the shop!


Jenny said...

Cute room! If you figure out how to do something with your blank wall, I'm interested :) I have one of those in our guest room that I haven't quite come to terms with yet.

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Thanks Jenny. I'm enjoying the Open Feel of the room now so I think I'm going to hang a quilt up there as 'Art' that will fill the blank space but not take up floor space.

Maddie said...

I like that the picture above your bed mimics the room...well to me at least!