Wednesday, January 7, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking

And That's Just what They'll Do;
One of These Days These Boots are Gonna...
Walk Into Your Antique Store and Steal a Stuffed Animal.

Pembroke Shopowners, BEWARE! This 4-legged bandit goes by the name of 'Cassidy'; she struts about Bryantville with her seemingly sweet owner who will distract you with funny stories while her dog is busy Casing the Joint. Just the other day they were in and I was too busy admiring Cassidy's BOOTS - yes BOOTS - to notice she had nipped this vintage Digger the Dog toy right off the shelf. Luckily my surveillance cameras caught her because I also figured out why she wears the boots - not to protect her paws from road salt (like her owner CLAIMED) but to prevent herself from leaving incriminating PAW PRINTS! That is one devious dog.

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