Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney With Care

in hopes that many Salvage Chic Fans soon would be there - at this past weekend's Holiday Open House/Grand Re-Opening of the expanded store. All week Claudia and I were nestled too snug in the Back Room, among shards of broken ornaments and in need of a broom. With Me painting furniture and Her with her glue gun, we said "We are So Creative... isn't this Fun?" When suddenly on the floor another ornament did shatter, then "OW - Sh*t I burned myself, THAT'S what's the matter!"

OK, maybe it's time to stop this poem before it gets ugly. Plus I'm too tired to rhyme. Just wanted to send a heartfelt Thanks to all the folks who visited the Open House this weekend. Including the past week spent transforming the shop into a Winter Wonderland, it's been about 6 weeks since I took over the empty 1500 square foot space adjacent to the old shop and many, many hours of planning, buildout, spackling, painting, shopping for inventory and decorating. Every minute was worth it for all the people who came this weekend and exclaimed that the new space is "Even Better" than the old shop. For all who took the time to say kind words, THANK YOU!

And now, like the author who publishes his first book and has to thank everyone including his first-grade teacher, I have to thank the folks behind the scenes who made it happen: My Neglected Family including My #1 Fan and Husband Kenny, who I think broke down and bought cold cuts to share with the dogs after he ate all of their kibble. Oh! He slapped on 5 gallons of primer and moved the phone line too (sorry Deb's Barber Shop he cut yours in the process); my Partner-in-Crime Claudia for her endless creativity in crafting and scrounging for inventory; my Mom Kath for giving up her Wednesdays off to prime, paint, sew, and listen to me b*tch; Tammy and Chris Field of Fieldstone Gardens (Union St Hanson, less than 1/2 mile from Salvage Chic!)- Tammy volunteered to paint and Chris makes an excellent cocktail; Marc Beaupre of MB Graphics in Abington for the excellent signage; Claudia's Husband Brian who helped Kenny hang the sign (and deemed it "A PISSER SIGN!"); Yard Sale Buddy for fixing the Fix-It Shop sign and building the little ramp between shops so people don't trip; Mack from Never Open Antiques for tripping and making me realize I needed this ramp!

I'm sure there are a few I forgot, blame it on exhaustion. And if you made it to reading this far, Thank YOU for your being a fan of the shop & blog, it is folks like you who keep me going.

Now back to the regularly-scheduled Blog.

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