Sunday, October 26, 2008

Garage Sale Buddy?

So Last week I got a call from Yard Sale Buddy saying his neighbor was looking to borrow a card table to use for the flea market at her Senior Center. No Problem, I said, I have several, and told him where he could find them in case I wasn't home when he dropped by. Fast forward a couple of days and I got another call from him, this time all breathless and excited "You won't BELIEVE it, I'm in this garage doing a cleanout and there's all kinds of furniture just like you'd want for your shop. You interested? "SURE!" I exclaimed, "what kind of stuff, is it ready to sell or does it need work?" I have to admit I was listening with half an ear because I was waiting on someone and Yard Sale Buddy was going on and on about how they were all kind of half-finished projects but with great potential; then my antennae went up because he said something about the garage having all these gas cans to power the yard equipment and how he was going to gas up his truck while he was there; so I tuned back in and sure enough I heard the distinctive bay of Coonhounds in the distance - specifically, Izzy and Duff. "Wait a Minute... are you at MY HOUSE??? Never mind that stuff! And leave the gas cans where you found them." Geez, you think you KNOW someone...

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