Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creative License

A few weeks ago I was on an overseas buying trip when I got an excited call from Yard Sale Buddy. (OK, technically I was just visitng my Mom on the Vineyard, but we DID do some antiquing, so that is not really an untruth...) Anyway the gist of his call was he found a reporter from the Pembroke Express taking pictures of his front yard in all its flowering glory, and once he realized she was not a spy for the enemy camp trying to steal his lawn jockey statue he got to chatting with her and she asked if she could write a feature on him and his penchant for gardening and recycling. He was excited to tell me he gave her his business card and she noticed he is "a Salvage Chic Affiliate", specifically my C.J.O. (Chief Junk Officer). He said she might be contacting me to interview me and while I was excited for the Free Publicity, I promptly forgot all about it. Until this week when she sent me an email asking for some time to speak! More importantly, she told me she had read my Blog, so she may have already made the connection that "Yard Sale Buddy" is the guy she's writing about. So today in between painting furniture to sell and floating in my pool (because All Work and No Play makes Salvage Chick a Dull Girl!) I spent some time worrying what I might have written about him that could be misconstrued. A few things came to mind... like the time he almost got arrested when a woman falsely accused him of stealing $2300 from a cupboard; the time he almost hooked up with a woman he delivered furniture from Salvage Chic to prompting me to consider creating a line of T-shirts exclaiming "I found love at Salvage Chic" and perhaps the most damning of all declarations from me: "He'd sell his own mother for 5 bucks." Oh Dear. Maybe I can just get her to focus on the Gardening?

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1st Mate said...

Well, let's hope she doesn't have a lot of time to read archives. Such a nuisance when we get famous and they start paying attention to our every word. 8^D