Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nip It in the Bud

or maybe, Nip It in the Bathroom when your In-Laws are visiting... Seriously, I'm trying to figure out under what circumstances one might need a knit poodle nip-bottle cover.  This was recently found in the contents of an Estate complete with a nip of Seagram's.  I remember my grandmother had a knit toilet paper cozy, it wasn't a poodle but if I recall right a scary Barbie-type doll that had a giant knit skirt to disguise an extra roll of toilet paper on top of the toilet, maybe so her guests wouldn't be embarrassed to ask for an extra roll. As for the nip cozy, I dunno... I doubt Grandma had any guests hollering "CAN I GET A DRINK IN HERE?" Except maybe Grandpa... when his In-Laws were visiting.

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