Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Winner's Circle...

Kenny & I recently happened upon a marathon of $100,000 Pyramid re-runs and we got so totally sucked in by the bad 80's Hair & Fashion that we ended up watching like 3 episodes. I confessed to him that my favorite part was always the Winner's Circle and I think I would be wicked good at giving the clues, at LEAST as good as their frequent celebrity flier Markie Post if not better. (what the hell ever happened to her, anyway?)

So today I got to thinking maybe on the off-chance that Dick Clark is really alive and well and not just a mannequin of himself at this point and they decide to revive this show and invite me on, that I should start practicing.  Picture me on this snowy Saturday in my own personal Winner's Circle that is known as Salvage Chic, sitting on my hands and chomping at the bit to give clues. We have 60 seconds on the clock.  Ready... GO!!

ME: "Snow."
YOU: "Things that are cold, Things that fall from the sky..."
ME: (shaking head) "Tom Brady."
YOU: "Things that need a haircut, Things that have too many random Baby-Mamas..."
ME: (nodding head encouragingly) 
YOU: "Things that people think are good looking but it's just because they are tall..."
ME: (short bark of laughter) "Patriots Games. Patriots PLAYOFF Games."
YOU: "Things you need a ticket to, Things you watch on TV..."
ME: (shaking head again) "Patriots Playoff Games at Gillette Stadium."
YOU: "Things with a lot of drunk people at them."
ME: (shaking head furiously) "Patriots Playoff Games with Tom Brady. Patriots Games in the snow.  Patriots Games with Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium in the snow."

Ding, Ding, we have a winner!  Come see me tomorrow and I'll give you a "Tom Brady is playing a playoff game at Gillette Stadium in the snow today" Discount.  I don't really care if they win or lose, the Super Bowl is gonna kill business either way... SIGH.

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Anonymous said...

I loooooooved that show. I also loved password.

It might kill business....but who knows you might bring out all the people who don't watch football as there will be no traffic on the road.

I drove home from NH last year during a playoff game. I was the only car in the O'Neil tunnel. It was spooky!