Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Auction, To Auction,

To buy a Fat Pig...

Came home with these drawers as well, Jiggety Jig!

When these came up for bid the Auctioneer looked at me & Claudia and exclaimed "These look very SALVAGE CHIC!"; which is his way of saying "These look like SH*T that only YOU TWO will like." Then he apologized that he didn't have the actual cabinet that the drawers belonged in and I was like are you kidding me?!? Then other people would be bidding on them!!  He opened the bid and my card went up in a flash then I held my breath while they were "Going Once, Going Twice... SOLD! To Claudia's Friend!!"  Whew, I was nervous there for a minute.  $15 each, Get 'Em while they last!

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