Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear at Work

"This is going in Giovanni Ribisi's Kitchen." Wait a minute... WHAT?!? I gotta start paying closer attention to people.
Turns out the kind woman who purchased a retro kitchen cabinet over the phone the other day works for Thunder Buddies, the Production Company that is currently in town filming the new Mark Wahlberg movie "Ted." Now, normally I would probably not be running out to see a movie about a grown man whose best friend is his childhood teddy bear... but for a chance to see one of my Salvage Chic babies on the Big Screen? I'm SO GOING. I can't wait to point at that cabinet and scream "I knew it when..."


Anonymous said...

Soooo cool!!! Can't wait to see it either!


Maddie said...

Can't wait to see it Christine! They are filming up the street from my friend's house in Norwood this week too! You've got to get a picture of it for the shop!

cfb said...

Love it! I think you've eclipsed my coasters which were purchased for "The Playboy Club" You need to repost a pic so we can ALL watch for it!


Lea said...

How exciting that you had a celebrity kitchen cabinet! Will definitely see the movie, just as I did when a relative was an extra in "Love Letters" years ago. Plus, now you are on their list of suppliers of the old and odd. There could be a next time. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really glad to find this. great job!