Friday, April 15, 2011

Boogie Down

Or more often heard around our house lately: "Boogie... DOWN!" Yes, our new pup Augie already has a nickname. It came to be after the first week or two when he got comfortable enough to start testing the waters and it became clear that our former little gentleman has a Terrorist alter ego. One that likes to corner cats, eat potholders, and shred anything to do with fabric. I have read that it's important with a young pup not to scold them too harshly unless you actually catch them doing something wrong in the act. Pointing at a sock he chewed an hour ago and yelling "BAD DOG!" is just going to confuse him so at some point when I stumbled upon some Augie Aftermath I found myself muttering "You're such a little Boogie." Later I caught him right in the midst of something and accidentally blurted out "Boogie Bin Laden!! You are a Terrorist!!" Kenny overheard me and it totally stuck, the poor pup is forevermore known as Boogie. Now, before you go all Kardashian on me "Oh. Mah. Gahd! I can't believe you call your dog BOOGIE, you should be ashamed of yourself! There are plenty of people in third world countries who would love to own a dog and would never call him Boogie Bin Laden!" (Trust me, I do get these emails) Just take a chill pill and embrace him in all his Boogie-ness; we do.
He's so busy being a Terrorist I only seem to be able to get a photo of him sleeping these days; here he is after a long day out in the yard with his BFF Duff and a reminder: Tired Dogs are GOOD Dogs.

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cfb said...

Boogie sounds better than Booger.