Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

That's what Casey Kasem would say... if he were talking about my website! It was just a few weeks ago I celebrated the 10,000th visit to www.salvagechicantiques.com; not even one month later, I'm proud to report that count is up over 12,500! I know there are a lot of repeat visitors to whom I should say THANKS!! And now that the shop renovations are complete, I'll have a LOT more time to post updates and Blog. The downside about the increase in traffic is, I have to be a little more careful about the Blogging, lest I offend any potential Repeat Customers with tales of what a pain in the arse they were to deal with... the good news is, there are plenty of characters around here who are always fair game. Like my Husband, for instance; he just walked by and I asked him "Do you know how to spell Casey Kasem?" (OK, first I really asked him Do You Know Who Casey Kasem Is? and THEN I asked him How Do You Spell His Name. Sometimes a 5-year age gap is more of a difference than you'd think.) Anyway he said he had no idea how to spell it so I pointed at the screen and said "Does this look right?" He stared for a minute and then mumbled "I think so... Wait a Minute, it's not Casey KaseN? with an N?" SIGH. So much for husbands... Thank God for Google!!

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